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Mod's Note

Hi, okay, this is gonna sound extremely stupid, but I am going to close this community again already. Thing is, I opened because jared_stillness was dead for a long time - as were all the other Jared icontests I could find - but just yesterday my good friend ongiara could reclaim ownership of jared_stillness and since this challenge has been around much longer than mine and is already established, I have joined forced with her and will co-mod.

So thanks to those of you who've joined already. The current challenge will move over on Friday, so if you've started making icons, don't discard them yet! You can enter them over at jared_stillness, which I'm hoping you'll now join - if you aren't members already as it is. :)

Sorry for the hassle, this was sorta a case of bad timing. See you all over at jared_stillness!

Challenge 01

Challenge One: Asylum Convention 2009Collapse )

You can make a total of three icons for this challenge. You may blend images and you may use a blank twice, but you can not submit animations. Anything else goes.

Please post your entries in a reply to this post including the image's URL. You have time to enter till Friday, June 26th. (Two weeks this time, since it's round 1.)

CLOSED FOR NOW. But will reopen at jared_stillness in three days!



Please leave a comment if you want to be affiliated with padaleckistills. :)


Hi and welcome to padaleckistills. It took me ages to tweak the layout, hence the month between this entry and the actual first challenge. Sorry! But I promise I am better with actually running them. ;) So please join and participate!

This is also the post to suggest any Jared related links I can add to the sidebar. Thank you in advance for those. :)


Padalecki Stills
Jared Padalecki Icon Challenge


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